Zazou Dolls Exclusive Blank eyes for 18 Inch dolls such as American Girl

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These are PRE ORDER only If you would like to purchase wholesale please contact me for a discounted price We are so excited to announce a brand new product for customizers that has never before been offered in this market! Are you a customizer who spends hours removing color from American Girl eyes for repainting? What if you could buy a blank slate for your art? Now, you can! Our new doll eyes are designed especially for artists and can be painted in a fraction of the time. We are offering these eyes on pre-order for only $20 per pair (regularly priced at $30 per pair). Not comfortable painting your own doll eyes? No problem! We’re also offering to hand-paint your eyes any way you’d like. Custom painted eyes are available on pre-order for only $45 per pair (regularly priced at $60). These new eyes are so unique and required such a large investment that we’ve patented the design to protect our intellectual property. We are thrilled to be able to make them available in large quantities so everyone can give them a try! If you want to order painted ones please send me a message thanks.