Ruby Red Fashion Friends Kayla

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Be Confident Kayla believes in always being her best and doing her best and empowering her friends to doe the same.
She is always on the go and hasn’t met a sport she didn’t like.
From soccer to tennis to gymnastics, she does it all with fierceness and style, and always goes for the gold.
After she and her friends graduate, she wants to build a fashion empire, and express herself on the field and off the field by being a world fashion icon.
Kayla features a long curly pop pony tail, and brown eyes. She has a ruffly pink tunic, the latest ankle length skinny jeans, and white flats. 
She's totally posable. 

Rock it Kayla! 

Doll approx 14" tall, 9 Joints, luxurious hair, high-quality vinyl body.